Shiy (coil) wrote,


My mom so cute. Prompted by some cat's yowling from outside, she started sharing her dream: She dreamed that the grey cat (that in-our-opinion bullies the white cat) was somehow in our kitchen, got caught by the old man, her husband, and he slammed it against the wall/floor? and “血到处喷” D: She patted her own chest while saying it, saying she woke up quite horrified.

Wow something actually perturbed her! And am I (and she) glad it's just a bad dream.

Nephew also cute. He had earphones on but midway through her story, pulled it off and went "what? what?" and later "Dream right? It's a dream?" Later, when my mom repeats part of the story with the blood, he almost-angrily cuts in to say "it's a dream right!"

I think the imagery too disturbing. No one can stand it.
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