Shiy (coil) wrote,

LOL China

BL fiction site routed, owner and writers arrested

I think. Only glanced through. One thing I agree is the implied conjecture that even young innocent dating-inexperienced *gasp* girls are into BL simply because it's trendy/prevalent/a way to be different. Referring to China, of course. Personal observation/experience. Of course, not all are like that.

A little amused the site owner's a guy.

A little "..." that it's paid membership and some of the paid writers is as young as 17. I'm not that ageist, but... I don't know. There're good free fics out there?

Typically, the article uses lots of words relating to perversion, and, for some reason, violence, which was never a key element in BL... but whatever helps them paint the picture of evilness that will poison the precious youths.

And lastly, echoing some of the active BL fans' comments, "if you have the time, go crack down on corruption instead why don't you?"
Tags: real life
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