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Movies on SQ

(犬とあなたの物語 いぬのえいが, Lit: "The Story of You and the Dog: A Dog Movie") Watched this on SQ flight to Hongkong. Very lovely show done in Japanese style; liked it a lot more than Marley and Me. The main film featuring Nanako is set after a series of short comedic films about dogs. Cuteness overflow~

Jirou's appearance was short but it was so sad when he died. He loved his little master for no apparent reason, and was so openly passionate, and the last, expectant back view of his little body waiting for his master to return was heartbreaking when you later find out he got into an accident. Lucky's entry in Ichirou's life was like a replacement role. Although a Labrador and a Shiba Inu (?) are quite different. It was sweet how he tried to befriend both owners even with Ichirou's reluctance. And then, I'm just a sucker for the gradual subtle change of attitude, and the subtle doggie affection. Then the disease came and things got really depressing. Ichirou's fear, the wife's stress, and this overall helplessness. Lucky being sent away was practical but heartbreaking - and a dog's love and loyalty is simply unwavering T_T

After that tried to watch the Spaceship Yamato show (flight is 3hours+), but it was somehow unavailable despite being listed. *roll eyes* Watched a bit of Harry Potter Movie 7. They looked so different. Couldn't stand the bit of Remus and Tonks I saw >_>
Guess it's good the flight ended there. On the way back, wanted to try Spaceship Yamato and perhaps GANTZ. Yamato's available this time. Watched trailers for both and got bored D: Found Suspect X instead. Or the Galileo movie. Watched the drama series after sis lent me DVDs. Detective-type (with focus on Physics Dx), and I don't remember much of the drama. I guess it's good to go in without expectations cos I enjoyed the show~

Though I feel Galileo didn't shine much XD More of the victim/criminals. I like how a 'genius' (in Galileo's words) today can just end up a high-school teacher, to a bunch of unappreciative students, due to practical reasons. And just how ordinary a genius can be. And how his life simply sucked and he'd have just hung himself if it weren't for the timely appearance of his new pretty lovely neighbours.

Case-wise, I figured out halfway it was another body. Mostly because the alibi was airtight for Dec 2 (daughter met her friend at the cinema, seriously), but the autopsy (?) says the disfigured body was killed on Dec 2. And though we were shown the killing happened at 7pm, I don't remember seeing a date. That and I recalled that the second time we saw the homeless people, there was a strange pause at a vacant spot. It was a bit horrifying to realize what he'd done, when I'd thought he had been just helping to cover up D:

I also like how I got misled to think he was getting possessive and dangerous by stalking the guy courting the woman (Misato's mom... forgot her name). And it took quite a while for me to really realize that he was deliberately making himself look like a dangerous stalker so that he looks convincing as the criminal behind it all. What a detailed mind to think that far D:

And although it probably broke his heart and wasted his efforts, I'm glad the woman (who's really convincing as this troubled, gentle damsel in distress that totally charmed her neighbour) came to share in his punishment after Galileo told her everything. At one time, I really thought she might just marry the nice gentleman courting her and have a happily-ever-after while the poor genius happily serve his sentence D:

Little details I liked:
- that Misato has a soft spot for the neighbour, even when the mom was starting to believe his stalker act and getting freaked out.
- that the criminal's random "how do you managed to look so young. I envy you", led Galileo to realize his friend was in love. And that was probably his only indication of his longing, although his insecurity and lack of confidence that prevented him from doing anything about his affections and he seemed happy to deliver her to a promising rival in love.

Besides movies, watched 2 eps of Japanese Dolittle drama, recommended by cosmiko, in Hongkong at night. Too early to comment, maybe next time~
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