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Tenimyu Dream

It's one-two weeks back since I re-watched parts of Hyotei-myu that chrysan passed me. It's so nostalgic. Lately Koji also resumed tweeting, and other than his Joker partner Kazuki, I only know Kawai is still in touch with him over Twitter. So maybe these made up the trigger.

So what I remembered of the dream, it was Kenken's birthday and someone? organized a surprised party and pair by pair, the Hyoteimyu cast appear, in musical dance-style, in the room (his living room?) he was in. Actually, I only remember seeing the doubles pair appearing, Silver Pair first (?), then Ruirui and Takumi-san. ... Yeah Silver Pair, I don't know how there is two Kenken but that's how dreams are. Kenken had his radiant smile on and went to hug the further Koji and then the other Shishido(?), and likewise the further Ruirui and then Takumi. I don't know why my dream assigned such preferences to Kenken... after that together they break into some musical-like dance sequence I don't recognize, and somehow the Ichinen Trio also joined in the dance! After which it was like a gathering and they might have gone out and about having fun not unlike our birthday celebrations in secondary school. Takuya, Kazuki, etc. might've suddenly been included in the group... And that's all I remember T^T
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