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My nephew is forever cute ;w;

Heard it from my mom earlier tonight, so it's a slightly vague account if you know how she speaks.This must go on record.

In the evening, my father came home and as-usual grumbled (scolded?) at my mom because she was late in preparing dinner, or something. Shortly after, in our narrow, tiny kitchen, he knocked into her (accidentally - says my mom) while turning, and she being rather frail, stumbled against the stove.

Nephew ZX (age 11), started raging at him "你为什么推外婆!" and started saying things like she just came back from hospital (checkup) grr!! He also tried to hit him.

Meanwhile the disgruntled old man just said that he wasn't purposely pushing her. Old man had also previously requested for ZX to buy milk from the mall nearby. So naturally, ZX said "(你推外婆)不帮你买牛奶了!" Mom said he went to buy later, but bough white milk instead of the requested chocolate milk, claiming honest mistake. Mom said he did it purposely. I don't quite approve the lying but...

Really I don't know how he can grow up so darling with such a twisted, terrible mother...

As a side note, my mom went for a followup checkup this morning (she thought it was for her eye problem but turned out to be her knee physiotherapy she wanted to abandon, haha = =) . Siblings couldn't take leave so I kinda intended to accompany her... yeah. Only she had to leave around 9+ and while I set an alarm, I woke up sleep deprived and grouchy and tea-less. ZX is a tea monster who meekly told me "I thought still have enough left" after I grumbled at my mom that I wasn't eating breakfast cos there's no tea! Stop making me eat without tea and yea I might make my own after I wake up some more grrr *snoozes*. Long story short, I was still half-asleep when it was time for her to leave, but that was partly because it was clear that ZX was already going to accompany her and I trust she's in good hands.

No seriously, he's accompanied her to checkups many times before when we weren't available. Anyway don't let the emoticon fool you, I settled for cold chocolate milk in the end, took some carrot cake my mom fried (weird combination orz), snoozed some more, woke and tried to surf the net on the bed, fell asleep leaning against bedpost with the laptop on my lap till abt 12+. I have no idea why I was so tired o_O It felt like my pre-period exhaustion except period was 1-2 weeks ago. Maybe I should've made some tea (caffeine!) after all...

Anyway, this bit was just to mention that the checkup took many hours despite her having an appointment. ZX complained alot, said my mom. Her low-batt Smartphone ran out of batt after he played for awhile; he pointed at a power point and said 'next time must bring charger!' After that he complained alot more about how he could be home, finding friends/neighbours to play with, how bored he was, and could he returned home first. But the point is he didn't anyway. I think my mom told him "ok go back first" at some point and he said "等下你一个人跌倒怎么办?"

Now to top things off, let me add that the day before all this, they had another fight. In short, Mom had told ZX to study (an x amount?) before he can play with her phone. I did hear him reading loudly from his Chinese textbook awhile. Later, there was shouting and a door slamming. Sighing, I left my room to find my mom grumbling about kids who only play and don't want to study (which is like, almost every normal kid) and I threw some comforting words at her to leave him be. Then I passed his room door and hear anguished "Uuuuu!!!" sound o_O so I knocked and went in and the boy was lying face down on the bed, literally crying into his pillow.

Barring my initial reaction of "SO CUTE SO FUNNY" (>_>) which I wisely didn't reveal any on the surface, I did feel sorry for him and sat and patted his back and tried to get him to talk. At first I thought he might ignore me and keep wailing but after awhile he told me his side of the story. So if I didn't get my facts wrong, they had the agreement going but then my mom started 'scolding' that he wasn't really studying and in her usual choice of words style said things like 都没有读两句 which he had rebutted angrily and escalated into shouting and presumably worse stuff said. Sigh. I understand why she doesn't consider reading aloud studying, but I also understand an 11 yr-old like him doesn't know how else to 'study' on his own, come on. Mostly I could empathize how frustrated and maligned he must be feeling. My parent's generation is a terribly insensitive and clumsy bunch =_=

Oh and in his angry tears he said things like "I won't eat her cooking anymore! I'll go out and buy my own!"

Ah, childish indignance. So silly yet dignified.

Anyway, this little fights obviously happen often and don't matter much, seeing as he's already back to being a darling to her the very next day.

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