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Sat through "Journey to the West" just now simply cos I had to finish some fried chicken that was too messy to bring into my bedroom.


That's "Journey to the West" 2010 version, episode 5. Besides the predictable overuse of superfluous animation effects that kept giving me the impression that I was watching some western RPG - and the Monkey had a move like this (Japanese) Zhao Yun (around 0:56) - there was the unsurprising unconvincing monkey-act that seemed like a poor imitation of the classic version, with a dub that sounded off. Did I mention the two demoness' that were somehow in Mt Hua Guo (er, Sun Wukong's mountain with his little monkeys) during the battle against the celestial beings? I googled a bit. Apparently one of them - the cold-looking WhiteBone Demoness - was Sun Wukong's ex-girlfriend. LOL. Don't see how a cold woman is drawn to a loud, egotistical monkey, or how they dated, but ok whatever you say. Also, Nezha looks wimpy.

From online 'reviews', their local audience didn't take too kindly to the appearances, acting, and modern lines either. Also, apparently the show is filled with salacious scenes of seduction. (No wonder it's showed at 10.30pm in Singapore) Oh well, how can a show sell without sex, right? Poor classics.

A by-product of google-ing the above is finding out that the new version of Red Chamber Dreams is as bad. A group shot with the ladies looked to me more like a brothel than a mansion of rich ladies and maids. And, SPOILER, in this version Lin Dai Yu apparently died nakedOoooooooh.

WTF TV Station?
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