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Dream [22 Nov 2013|09:36pm]
My mom so cute. Prompted by some cat's yowling from outside, she started sharing her dream: She dreamed that the grey cat (that in-our-opinion bullies the white cat) was somehow in our kitchen, got caught by the old man, her husband, and he slammed it against the wall/floor? and “血到处喷” D: She patted her own chest while saying it, saying she woke up quite horrified.

Wow something actually perturbed her! And am I (and she) glad it's just a bad dream.

Nephew also cute. He had earphones on but midway through her story, pulled it off and went "what? what?" and later "Dream right? It's a dream?" Later, when my mom repeats part of the story with the blood, he almost-angrily cuts in to say "it's a dream right!"

I think the imagery too disturbing. No one can stand it.


Tenimyu Dream [11 Nov 2013|01:12pm]
It's one-two weeks back since I re-watched parts of Hyotei-myu that chrysan passed me. It's so nostalgic. Lately Koji also resumed tweeting, and other than his Joker partner Kazuki, I only know Kawai is still in touch with him over Twitter. So maybe these made up the trigger.

So what I remembered of the dream, it was Kenken's birthday and someone? organized a surprised party and pair by pair, the Hyoteimyu cast appear, in musical dance-style, in the room (his living room?) he was in. Actually, I only remember seeing the doubles pair appearing, Silver Pair first (?), then Ruirui and Takumi-san. ... Yeah Silver Pair, I don't know how there is two Kenken but that's how dreams are. Kenken had his radiant smile on and went to hug the further Koji and then the other Shishido(?), and likewise the further Ruirui and then Takumi. I don't know why my dream assigned such preferences to Kenken... after that together they break into some musical-like dance sequence I don't recognize, and somehow the Ichinen Trio also joined in the dance! After which it was like a gathering and they might have gone out and about having fun not unlike our birthday celebrations in secondary school. Takuya, Kazuki, etc. might've suddenly been included in the group... And that's all I remember T^T


萌到爆 [29 Jun 2013|02:03am]
My nephew is forever cute ;w;

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Singapore accent VA [07 Nov 2011|03:07pm]

I LOL-ed. I thought I heard Kopi-O when it was Scorpio.


Mooncake [04 Nov 2011|02:04pm]

Interesting. Nice to see 715 and Chen Tianwen (oh, and 'Prisceilia'?) instead of those young princes and princesses. Female lead (and others) and script from Japan. No more screaming mad woman onscreen! Might watch if I have time/remember to.


天雷滚滚 [11 Jun 2011|11:41pm]
Sat through "Journey to the West" just now simply cos I had to finish some fried chicken that was too messy to bring into my bedroom.


That's "Journey to the West" 2010 version, episode 5. Besides the predictable overuse of superfluous animation effects that kept giving me the impression that I was watching some western RPG - and the Monkey had a move like this (Japanese) Zhao Yun (around 0:56) - there was the unsurprising unconvincing monkey-act that seemed like a poor imitation of the classic version, with a dub that sounded off. Did I mention the two demoness' that were somehow in Mt Hua Guo (er, Sun Wukong's mountain with his little monkeys) during the battle against the celestial beings? I googled a bit. Apparently one of them - the cold-looking WhiteBone Demoness - was Sun Wukong's ex-girlfriend. LOL. Don't see how a cold woman is drawn to a loud, egotistical monkey, or how they dated, but ok whatever you say. Also, Nezha looks wimpy.

From online 'reviews', their local audience didn't take too kindly to the appearances, acting, and modern lines either. Also, apparently the show is filled with salacious scenes of seduction. (No wonder it's showed at 10.30pm in Singapore) Oh well, how can a show sell without sex, right? Poor classics.

A by-product of google-ing the above is finding out that the new version of Red Chamber Dreams is as bad. A group shot with the ladies looked to me more like a brothel than a mansion of rich ladies and maids. And, SPOILER, in this version Lin Dai Yu apparently died nakedOoooooooh.

WTF TV Station?

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Nostalgia continues [09 Jun 2011|01:13am]
Don't understand the song, but ILU anyway, genius makers of music videos.


My dog did it [07 Jun 2011|01:59am]
"Oops. Don't have a dog. Nevermind, they won't find out anyway. Maybe."

Too classic. Took pictures for memory.

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LOL China [24 Apr 2011|01:14am]
BL fiction site routed, owner and writers arrested

I think. Only glanced through. One thing I agree is the implied conjecture that even young innocent dating-inexperienced *gasp* girls are into BL simply because it's trendy/prevalent/a way to be different. Referring to China, of course. Personal observation/experience. Of course, not all are like that.

A little amused the site owner's a guy.

A little "..." that it's paid membership and some of the paid writers is as young as 17. I'm not that ageist, but... I don't know. There're good free fics out there?

Typically, the article uses lots of words relating to perversion, and, for some reason, violence, which was never a key element in BL... but whatever helps them paint the picture of evilness that will poison the precious youths.

And lastly, echoing some of the active BL fans' comments, "if you have the time, go crack down on corruption instead why don't you?"


Movies on SQ [11 Apr 2011|11:56am]
(犬とあなたの物語 いぬのえいが, Lit: "The Story of You and the Dog: A Dog Movie") Watched this on SQ flight to Hongkong. Very lovely show done in Japanese style; liked it a lot more than Marley and Me. The main film featuring Nanako is set after a series of short comedic films about dogs. Cuteness overflow~

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After that tried to watch the Spaceship Yamato show (flight is 3hours+), but it was somehow unavailable despite being listed. *roll eyes* Watched a bit of Harry Potter Movie 7. They looked so different. Couldn't stand the bit of Remus and Tonks I saw >_>
Guess it's good the flight ended there. On the way back, wanted to try Spaceship Yamato and perhaps GANTZ. Yamato's available this time. Watched trailers for both and got bored D: Found Suspect X instead. Or the Galileo movie. Watched the drama series after sis lent me DVDs. Detective-type (with focus on Physics Dx), and I don't remember much of the drama. I guess it's good to go in without expectations cos I enjoyed the show~

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Besides movies, watched 2 eps of Japanese Dolittle drama, recommended by cosmiko, in Hongkong at night. Too early to comment, maybe next time~

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